In 2013, Bullhead Safety joined the Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing, Inc. team, led by the Director of Bullhead Safety, Ryan Corcoran. Ryan brought precious years of passion and experience to the infantile eyewear line, pioneering the idea that not only can eye protection surpass expectations on the job, but it can also be fashionable.

In line with Global Glove’s mission to constantly provide innovation and growth to our distributors and end users, Bullhead Safety has expanded beyond eye protection to include head protection, hearing protection, and cooling products. In 2018, Bullhead Safety made an industry breakthrough when the very-first arc flash rated safety eyewear was introduced. This helped the company usher into a whole new market, providing protection for electricians and workers in environments with arc flash hazards.

Grounded in the belief that safety is the highest priority, today’s safety equipment manufacturer must also factor in a worker’s need for self-expression and social identity on the job. High-end, comfort-fit designs in a variety of colors and styles from Bullhead Safety meet the needs of workers to express themselves while ensuring they conform to PPE standards. By providing high-end protection at low-end prices, Bullhead Safety works with distributors to help end users improve employee compliance with PPE standards and provide safer environments for everyone.



Comfort can be a make-or-break for any form of PPE, as uncomfortable protective equipment traditionally sees much lower rates of compliance. To protect the most workers possible, Bullhead Safety takes comfort seriously, working and re-working prototypes to identify the optimal balance of comfort and protection. Ryan Corcoran's passion for design is shown through proprietary styles, achieving high levels of comfort, and unique frames for all shapes and sizes. This is all possible without sacrificing amazing protection.


Flexibility to market needs is a hallmark of the Global Glove tradition and Bullhead Safety is no stranger to flexible improvements. From the first arc rated safety glasses on the market to proprietary designs in hard hats, protection is at the heart of what Bullhead Safety does. New, improved products are always in production and exceeding expectations for keeping workers safe is our mission.


Starting with high-quality eyewear in 2013, Bullhead Safety products transition from to work to play with ease. Cooling products that work equally well in hot construction or a sunny day of outdoor recreation complement eyewear styles that are great choices for every environment.