Frame Styles

Frame Styles

Bullhead Safety® Eyewear offers a variety of frame styles

Choosing the correct frame style for the application being performed is important. Comfort, personal style preference, coverage, weight of the frame and the peripheral vision needed should also be considered when choosing eyewear.


Designed to be used as a barrier against the most intense sun. Full frames help deflect rays from direct and reflected sunlight.

BH2769 - Pompano™ Ice Blue Mirror Performance Fog Technology Polarized Lens, Matte Black Frame Safety Glasses BH2769PFT


Provides an unobstructed horizontal and terrain view.

BH1612 - Wahoo® Blue Mirror Lens, Crystal Clear Frame Safety Glasses BH1612


Designed for a unobstructed 360 degree orbital field of view.

BH1417 - Torrent™ Welding Green IR Shade 5.0 Lens, Frosted Black Frame Safety Glasses BH1417


Similar to the half-frame , vented frames feature properly placed ventilation ports to reduce fogging.

BH61084AF - Stinger® Yellow Anti-Fog Lens, Woodland Camouflage Frame Safety Glasses BH161712


Close fitting with superior orbital protection. Designed to offer frame flexibility to fit a wider range of head sizes.

BH12610 - Javelin™ Red Mirror Lens, Matte Black Frame Safety Glasses BH12610


Features a permanent closed cell foam-liner to protect from airborne particles and debris.

BH1391AF - Steelhead® Clear Anti-Fog Lens, Shiny Pearl Gray Frame Safety Glasses BH1391AF