Frame Technology

Frame Technology

Bullhead Safety® Dorado® style glasses withstanding 20 pounds of weight tied to the bride of the frame.

Bullhead Safety® Eyewear - Put To The Test

These Bullhead Safety® Dorado® style glasses, along with the Bullhead Stainless Steel Retainer Cord withstand over 48 hours with 20 pounds of weight tied over the bridge of the frame!

Bullhead Safety® Eyewear is made with the highest quality polycarbonate. Formulated for high durability, the lightweight, space-age strength of Bullhead glasses frames provide superior protection and a high-level of comfort. Using the best polycarbonate on the market ensures that frames and temples are durable and virtually defect free.

Dorado® Blue Mirror Performance Fog Technology Polarized Lens, Shiny Black Frame Safety Glasses - BH95129PFT

In addition to being extremely strong and durable, several styles of Bullhead Safety® Eyewear feature a permanent foam lining or can be equipped with an optional removable foam lining to block fine airborne particles from entering the eyes from under or around the frame. Foam liners also provide a cushion around the eye, preventing injury if an impact were to occur.

Permanent Foam-Lined

Steelhead® Silver Mirror Anti-Fog Lens, Shiny Red Frame Safety Glasses - BH13147AF Torrent™ Foam-Lined Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Fog Lens, Crystal Black Frame Safety Glasses - BH13156AF

Removable Foam-Lined Options

Stinger® Flame Resistant Foam Gasket for Select Stinger® Styles - BH6G Dorado® Removable Flame Resistant Foam Gasket for Dorado® Glasses - BH9G Stinger® Flame Resistant Foam Brow Gasket for Select Stinger® Styles - BH6FBG