Frame Technology

Frame Technology

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Bullhead Safety® Dorado® style glasses withstanding 20 pounds of weight tied to the bride of the frame.

Bullhead Safety® Eyewear - Put To The Test

These Bullhead Safety® Dorado® style glasses, along with the Bullhead Stainless Steel Retainer Cord have stood for four years with 20 pounds of weight tied over the bridge of the frame!

Bullhead Safety® Eyewear is made with the highest quality polycarbonate. Formulated for high durability, the lightweight, space-age strength of Bullhead glasses frames provide superior protection and a high-level of comfort. Using the best polycarbonate on the market ensures that frames and temples are durable and virtually defect free.

Dorado® Blue Mirror Performance Fog Technology Polarized Lens, Shiny Black Frame Safety Glasses - BH95129PFT