Measuring and Ergonomic Fit

Measuring and Ergonomic Fit

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It is extremely important safety eyewear fit properly

A proper fitting safety glass ensures comfort, increased productivity and enhances safety to reduce the risk of costly eye injuries. A simple measurement is all that is needed to help determine the proper fit. Another consideration when choosing the right pair of Bullhead Safety Eyewear is the lens base curve. A lens base curve is the measure of the general shape of the lens. The higher the base curve, the more curvature there is in a lens, the more curvature the lens has the more it wraps around the face, creating more coverage and increasing side protection.

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The tables below will help you determine which Bullhead Safety Eyewear styles will best fit your needs.

(120mm - 134 mm) Trim Fit

Style Base Curve
CG5 10
Discus 10
Maki 8
Over The Glass 2 2
Sawfish 8
Swordfish 8
SwordfishX 9.5
Tetra 8
Torrent Mini 10
Walleye 8

(135mm - 138 mm) Standard Fit

Style Base Curve
Bass 9.5
CG4 7
Flathead 9.25
Javelin 8
Pavon 10
Picuda 9
Pompano 8
Steelhead Foam-Lined 8
Torrent 10
Torrent Foam-Lined 10
Torrent Welding 10
Wahoo 9

(139mm - 143 mm) Wide Fit

Style Base Curve
Acero 8
Dorado 8
Kaku 4
Over The Glass 2
Snipefish 8
Stinger 9
Spearfish 8
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